A Sweet Email from Curt Moore, Bay Area Drummer

An email I recently received from Curt Moore the drummer on my CD, Her Own Sweet World.  He was visiting San Diego for the weekend:

...I am listening to 88.3 the jazz station here, and on comes this tune. I am listening to it and thinking, hmmmm this sounds really nice, hmmmm, this sounds familiar, hmmmmm, this sounds like me?, hmmmm, hey I am on this, hmmmmmm, whoa it is me, hmmmmm, it is Isabel's CD for darn sake! Man nice recording you guys, Stephanie, and to Isabel. Great arrangement and singing. The vibe of the tune "feelin' good" BTW is very cool. 

So just wanted to share that with you. On a totally selfish note it is great to breeze into a different town and hear yourself on the hip Jazz station out of the blue.

be well you guys

Curt Moore

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