Last Week's Radio Show and Interview on WICN

Last week I drove down to WICN's Worcester studios along with bassist, Derek Van Wormer and guitar player, Christopher Brown to perform on Live Jazz New England, hosted by Pamela Hines. It was my first live performance on the radio (!) and in addition, my very first radio interview. Needless to say, I was super excited. Of course I had fun performing in front of the "studio audience", consisting of two people, but I knew that thousands of others were listening avidly :) As with any live performance there were issues to be dealt with, and it was reassuring to know that even the professionals have technical troubles...The studio had trouble getting the sound balanced and as a result, my vocals were quite loud through the broadcast, although we couldn't hear them at all in the studio. After some time, they got it figured out and it was all smooth sailing.  The end result sounded excellent, and of course the listeners couldn't tell the difference. In addition, I got to do the interview with my friend Pamela - All in all, it was a perfect first time on radio!

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