The Big Mouth Off!!

In November of 2018 I went to my very first Massmouth Story Slam, and decided to go for it. I got up, told a story, and bam! I WON Audience Choice Award for that evening!! I was immediately entered in to the Audience Choice Semi Finals, which is when the Audience Choice winners from the past year share their winning true-life stories for the chance to advance to Massmouth's storytelling finals: The Big Mouth Off! Well, guess what?! I actually went through to the final round and had the chance to share my story onstage at this, the 10th anniversary Big Mouth Off event! The photo above is me up on stage when Massmouth director, Cheryl Hamilton is reading off the winners - it felt just like at the Oscars! Although I did not win it was an incredible, fun experience and I am proud to be a part of the Boston storytelling community.

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