My TV Debut! 

After testing the waters in the live storytelling arena with Massmouth, I was also given the opportunity to share a different story on stage. But not just any stage - THE stage: Stories From The Stage, that is! I am incredibly honored to have been chosen as a featured storyteller in last month's live taped episode, "All Dressed Up." Stories From The Stage is a National television program co-produced by WGBH Boston and World Channel, and curated by Massmouth which illustrates the power of real stories told…

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The Big Mouth Off!! 

In November of 2018 I went to my very first Massmouth Story Slam, and decided to go for it. I got up, told a story, and bam! I WON Audience Choice Award for that evening!! I was immediately entered in to the Audience Choice Semi Finals, which is when the Audience Choice winners from the past year share their winning true-life stories for the chance to advance to Massmouth's storytelling finals: The Big Mouth Off! Well, guess what?! I actually went through to the final round and had the chance to share my…

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How The Time Passes 

Much. Time. Passed...Since I wrote my last blog entry. No matter, things have been a mite busy for me these past few years. Amidst the craziness of life with two tween/teen kids, single motherhood has forced me to hone my focus and time management skills to a fine pointed razor, cutting right to the core of "What Am I Doing With My Life?!"

Needless to say, I've become even more passionate about my music, more dedicated and oh, so productive. Having just completed my 211th (!!!) show since beginning on…

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Fall Frenzy 

As my performance dates seem to be multiplying like bunnies you'll need to hold on tight and fasten your seatbelts as we're in for a bit of a ride this Fall. I'll be hitting several of my regular spots, such as the elegant Les Zygomates in downtown Boston and cool and casual Tosca in Hingham, as well as taking the band up North again to the Vermont/New Hampshire Upper Valley to play at Canoe Club in Hanover as well as The Lyme Inn. My presence here in the New England Jazz scene seems to be solidifying as…

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50 Gigs And Counting! 

After starting to perform with my trio in April 2014 I have had 56 gigs to date and counting. Many musicians play much more than that, but for me this number is astounding because it means I am finally living my passion, and very grateful...I'm on a roll and there is much more in store...

I also am extremely pleased to be a part of the highly rated t.v. show, This is The Nightlife With Dale LePage, which has received over 800,000 viewers so far!

Beauty and Wonder 

For those not living near me in Boston it is difficult to convey how treacherous and unprecidented the snowfall has been this winter. We are well past the denial phase, having accepted our new way of life tunneling around town between mountains of brown icebergs. Yet, here at the beginning of March (March is always a tease) it seems unbelievable there might still be snow up in the heavens left to fall, yet snowflakes fill the air even as I write this. There is seemingly no beauty left in the sparkling…

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A Happy New Year To Be Grateful For 

A new year and so much synchronicity already.  Things just feel like they are clicking. I am excited for this year ahead, but mostly grateful for all the musicians in my life who have become true friends.  It feels so good to be a part of such a cool group of creative folks who share something so dear to us all.

WICN Annual Holiday Show 

WICN had their 10th annual Holiday Show this past December and I was in the lineup!  I felt quite special indeed to be among the extremely talented group of singers and musicians who all came down to the studios for this festive event.  The studio audience was made up of fellow performers as well as WICN supporters and staff who listened to each of our renditions of holiday favorites as it was broadcast across the airwaves.  What a fun experience!

Back To My Roots 

After the hardest and most stressful drive getting to a gig due to unheard of traffic between Boston and New Haven, Derek and I arrived at Cafe Nine frazzled and dazed but excited to play in our home town for friends and family.  The rest of the band arrived even later, so the whole evening begun super late.  This meant that much of that audience needed to leave before we were finished, unfortunately. However, many positive things came out of the evening - a chance to play for a hometown crowd, some great…

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Interview With Tyra Penn of WCUW's Big Jazz Umbrella 

I did not know what to expect arriving late at night at WCUW's Worcester, MA studios, but I was welcomed warmly by WCUW's Big Jazz Umbrella host Tyra Penn. We had a lovely chat on the air about my CD, Her Own Sweet World and about ME in general; my music, my migration back East from California, how I became a jazz singer, my children.  It really was a wonderful and relaxing interview.